Gas Fireplaces

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or just a cool night, nothing beats sitting by the fire. The newer gas logs have become so realistic that you could fool people.

We can install gas log kits and gas controls for safe and easy lighting. We just need a few measurements, and of course, a gas line. We can refer you to showrooms, chimney companies, or websites to shop for products.

There are only a few types of fireplaces.

Here’s how to know which you have.

A woodburning fireplace will have a large damper that you’ll have to open. They can be used for gas log kits and modern contemporary glass burners.

The next type are Direct Vents. They have a sealed glass panel. They are very efficient and low maintenance. They can work with a wall switch or a remote.

Then there’s ventless fireplaces. They don’t need a chimney, but there’s pros and cons.

The pros are lots of heat and almost 100 % efficiency.

The Cons are that they have an odor and annual maintenance is required.

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