Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are the biggest emergency we face. if you need a gas leak fixed so that you have heat, we will come out ASAP!

That’s the time to page me!

Key valve leaks and other leaks in piping can be from shifting and settling or have been there in noticed for a while.

Big leaks are caused by corroded piping or digging projects. these can become an emergency very quickly. call your fire department if you smell gas or hear hissing!

Small leaks occur in older fireplace key valves and older piping systems, but are more of a nuisance than an immediate danger. It’s a small leak if your not sure where it’s coming from.

Most gas lines to fireplaces have a separate shut off from the key. if a leak occurs, the line can be isolated. If not, you may be left without heat until the leak is fixed.

We’re the best choice to repair a gas leak.

We’re often able to make repairs without cutting open the walls or bricks. We also do pressure testing for ensuring no leaks as well as gas flow pressure.

We understand the importance of the key valve trim ring looking good and matching the room decor.

We now have a selection of decorative trim rings to choose from. Only a few years ago there were only two options. Polished brass or chrome. We work hard to hunt these down.

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